Construction Simulator 2015 Gold Edition Review


Construction Simulator 2015

For those of you who want to dig holes, mix concrete and operate large construction machinery without the worry of early morning starts, battling the elements and getting your hands dirty than this is the game for you. Construction Simulator 2015 Gold Edition allows you to play the original Construction Simulator 2015 with the added bonus of all the available downloadable content to date.

Getting Started

You will start your business in a local village with a handful of small construction equipment which will allow you to take on small jobs such as loft conversions and house extensions these will earn you the money and experience to expand your company.

Expanding the business

Once you have mastered the basics in this game you will soon be on your way to expanding the business by taking on more employees buying larger machinery and moving to the big city.
Once you have moved to the city this is when the game really takes off as you are able to take on more specialist jobs like high-rise building and building large bridges, which involve using larger construction machinery such as rollers, cranes, forklifts, concrete pumps and large excavators.

Our opinion

The game involves a lot of driving and transporting materials to and from the work site this can get a little dull at times but use this time to take in the excellent graphics and open world experience. Some of the controllers and camera angles can be a little frustrating at times and you may find them too sensitive, we found this to be very annoying when using the forklift to load pallets onto the flatbed truck. Using the Xbox 360 controller is a must in this game as some of the machinery such as the Excavators involves having to perform multiple actions at once and this may be a little tricky using a keyboard. Over all we have spent many hours playing Construction Simulator 2015 and not one of them has been wasted. A very enjoyable game overall and with the option of taking it online to play with friends this simulator is a must have.

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